Maria Creates Print 1

Maria Creates Print 1

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"On June 23rd, 2019 the world lost a visionary Jordon Veira. JV was a spoken word artist and agent of change in his communities. 


I started this painting when he was admitted to hospital in hopes to have a gift for him when he came out but it soon became a memorial piece. JV was so connected to places where nature was thriving which is what inspired the background of this piece. During his transition I cant even count the number of monarch butterflies that crossed my path or landed right on me. I later read that Monarch butterflies represent rebirth and transformation; resurrection. If you look closely at his watch you will see, replacing the hands, is the word “NOW”. This for me is significant for many reasons but I will leave it up to your interpretation. JV inspired my first single lined drawings (they were portraits of him) and because of this he will always live through my art.


JV finished his album days before he went to the hospital and had a couple other projects that haven’t been put out into the world yet. A portion of the profits from this piece will go directly to the JV Brave fund which will help his legacy to live on.


Please go to for more information about Jordon and where the profits will go."